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Learning from nature


Learning by observing nature and then devising a similar strategy has been a way to find new technology since the very beginning of thought, I would imagine.

What I wanted to consider today was how people everywhere could view successful strategies in nature and apply them to their own methods of interaction to have a more effective and more survivable system.

I was thinking of the concept of ‘selfish gene’ and Googled it, and found this Selfish Gene, Dawkins and this is interesting as that is a real person and he has a web site Dawkins which seems very odd as it is like being able to correspond with the ideas themselves.I suppose I am obligated to read these books so that I do not repeat that which is easily known elsewhere or be able to extend the logic to a new level.

This makes me wonder, how much of the study of philosophy and society have I missed by not considering it an important and pivotal science? My approach was to have a firm and solid foundation in logic, math, physics, chemistry, biology, and systems before considering the more complex subjects of intelligent systems and ‘systems of systems’. I can’t say whether the bottom up approach or the top down approach is better, I will find out by comparing to their conclusions and creating a standard to judge the actual effectiveness of the ideas in practice.

I may be repeating things that are already considered, however I think that the idea of keeping ideas fresh and considering new knowledge that might affect a conclusion is a good idea in any case. It was my intent to consider the idea of how self assembling organisms were the winners in an evolutionary sense and that ‘selfish organisms’ tended to be driven into a niche that was persistent, but continued to take a smaller and smaller role in the universe of biological form as cooperation of cells and complexity dominated.

All people can take a clue from this parallel with nature, where a system of cooperating cells, further their own existence by acting together in one goal which profits the entire organism equally.

The dawn of the complex organism long ago in prehistory shows a good example where a society could learn. I think that the world is more like the first attempts at making life, like the first self assembling systems of mushrooms or jellyfish, this idea that an entire world of cells could become a complex system that ‘owned’ itself and prospered seems to be the best approach to life in the galaxy.

I think that this is a very valuable lesson to be learned and that it does profit the individual and all by establishing a coherent society of people that work in some harmony. It is not a ‘dream of peace’ it is a fact of nature, that if an organism does not evolve and adapt, it will die.

This was is my second attempt at exporting and I think I have improved my grasp of the medium over my first attempt.. I wonder, does a ‘trackback’ go to someone else on wordpress if I link them here, let us try πŸ™‚ PodBlack

And this added on nano particles that are printed (new window) and edited bit or added nano particle in the same window πŸ™‚ .


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