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Swimming with the babelfish

I am learning other languages ( besides programming languages *chuckle* ) and I would consider this a Rosetta stone if I didn’t know better and I hope there is no conflict in using this with my translator to see what it means. The link. Is

And some samples to see whether what I see is what I think I see. .

period 句号,comma 逗号:colon 冒号;semicolon 分号!exclamation 惊叹号?question mark 问号 __hyphen 连字符 ”apostrophe 省略号;所有格符号 —dash 破折号 ‘ ’single quotation marks 单引号 “ ”double quotation marks 双引号 ( )parentheses 圆括号 [ ]square brackets 方括号《 》French quotes 法文引号;书名号 …ellipsis 省略号 ¨tandem colon 双点号 “ditto 同上 ‖parallel 双线号/virgule 斜线号&ampersand = and ~swung dash 代字号 §section; division 分节号 →arrow 箭号;参见号

And from the babel fish 🙂

And some samples to see whether what I see is what I think I see.. period full stop, comma comma: colon colon; semicolon semicolon! exclamation exclamation point » question mark question mark __ hyphen hyphen “apostrophe apostrophe; possessive symbols – dash dash ” single quotation marks the single quotation marks” “double quotation marks double quotes () parentheses parentheses [] square brackets in square brackets” “French quotes French quotes; Title, … Ellipsis apostrophe ¨ tandem colon double-point, “ditto, ditto ‖ parallel two-lane / virgule slash, & ampersand = and ~ swung dash the hyphen § section; division of sub-section → arrow arrow; See,

This is a cross-link from my other blog and I am experimenting with how the different blog and blog software work.


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