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Linux as the new enterprise model ?

Linux only

It was an odd thought, but is forming into a real adventure in open source revenue. I think it is completely feasible to have Linux computers connected in the background to a composite net that computes things which cannot be done with even the largest super computers. And it seems to me that every person connected to that project should share evenly in the revenue that is generated. An easy example is a blender movie concept. If 100,000 people agree to be part of an animated movie, they download the free blender software and render a frame ( a few minutes ) selected from a site, then place that frame back on the site and the movie is distributed. I know that it is possible to devise a matrix computer strategy that outperforms a super computer.


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Cool Linux tool

This myname@mymachine:~$ sudo apt-get install specto
I suppose I could use Synaptic but I am an instant gratification person, so I just keep a console window open in case I need to script something.
Suggested by Chanweiyee is something I am checking out today.
It has a graphical interface and shows up on my KDE in ‘Utilities’ category.
It has an interesting web based help system. It is very intuitive and I like the option for sound notification. Seems like a lean, clean checkin’ machine.

I am still working at setting an automated process to see how to use the various aspects of

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