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Near content addressable memory


The expensive content addressable used in routers is very effective, however, ‘near’ content addressable memory is even more powerful and represents the potential future of processing. In the same way that CAM a.k.a. cache can recognize one of any set of informations and it’s associated context or content, near content memory describes a dimensional space which is more like the way in which information and situations is handled. It represents that vagueness that defines groups like cats and dogs. It is equivalent to a circuit which is associative and upper/lower bounded. It represents the statement that an object or association is within the range of several variables simultaneously and is the highest scoring product of all elements. The cost of the circuit in terms of silicon is much higher than even CAM, however it’s ability to be self-programming is where it’s utility is recognized.


The single and foremost application of a NCAM is in the area of artificial intelligence and the establishment of a computer which is capable of dealing with the massive information flux of the world wide web.


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