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I have been developing an open source project for the last year and I am finally getting the hang of using all the tools. I can that I now can use SSH, sftp, Doxygen, automake, LaTex, Python, perl, HTML, CSS, “C”, C++, svn, diff, patch, XML, XUL, OpenGL, javascript, Pygame, and the debian package system. I should look at WordPress project as it seems it would be using XUL, but I guess I will find out when I have some time to look it up.
My project at sourceforge is shaping up and there is a simple snapshot there, and I hope to have the Python and “C” “Ant Game” ready for download this week. I am also making a complete multipage tutorial that covers all the simple openGL techniques in “C” and Python. The range is from simply opening a window to compiled elements, perspective, joystick, models, terrains, and some Linux specific Xwindows methods to use xtrace.

I looked up the documentation on wordpress and I see it is PHP and Mysql. That seems to be very much like wikipedia source if I remember correctly when I installed it on my server. It has an interesting history. I, for one, welcome our new wordpress overlords. I have recently started doing PHP and Mysql seriously and perhaps I will get the source and do the nightlies to help out.


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WordPress advantages

I have been blogging with Google for some time and working on a project on sourceforge called antfarmgl. As part of the features of the hosting is WordPress and I have come to appreciate that it is a better interface and is open source so I think I will confine my efforts here. I have a blog and web site for the project and they are:
antfarmgl website
sourceforge antfarmgl project
anttfarmgl blog
antfarm blog

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